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And so it begins...

Well hello there!

The travel blog has now officially commenced. For the next six weeks I'm going to be sharing photos, stories and updates about my overseas holiday for your viewing pleasure. Make sure you subscribe so you can be notified of new updates.

I am right now, in this moment, officially in NEW YORK CITY.

I honestly can barely believe it. I can't contain my excitement. I'm thrilled.

Getting here was no easy feat. I spent nearly 20 hours on a plane after a night of zero sleep (to get my body onto New York time) and then my sleep was interrupted by one of those two years that just scream... they forget the crying part and they just leap straight to a high pitched scream like a siren. On and off. For hours.

But I'm not bitter. What are you going to do right? Silently sending glares to the parents every few hours kept me sane and not losing my shit. Plus my row companion and I shared some eye rolls too so I wasn't the only one suffering. The plane then arrived in San Francisco, which I did not see because I wash rushing the airport to make my next flight.

All of a sudden I went from being surrounded by Australians to Americans only and I had a brief 'oh shit this is happening' moment when I realised I was actually going to another country.

There were other Australians in the security line though, you can tell by the "I have to take my shoes off too? ah fuck".

I was also so very very blessed to be randomly bag checked in Sydney, frisked in San Francisco and random bag checked again in New York! So my recommendation would be just don't be me because apparently I'm a target for it?

But I digress. I got a taxi to my hostel ($85 USD yikes!) in Manhattan. I then proceeded to dump my shit, change my shirt and step out into the world. I walked around aimlessly for a couple of hours just soaking it all in. I'm shocked every time someone walks past me on the phone chatting away with their accents. It's like walking through a movie set.

I ate a hotdog from a random stand which was exciting, though no one else seemed fazed. I also bought a Snapple's drink from a grocery store and wandered along 5th avenue.

I've seen at least 10 sailors, one group which received multiple 'thank you for your service' comments which I thought was quite lovely.

Anyway, time for bed. I'll update you all on my New York adventures in a couple of days.

Till next time,

Rhi xx

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