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Hello again.

We’re almost at the end of my trip. The time has absolutely flown by and I’m a little sad to be about to head home. But it’s been amazing!

Today, I’m going to be sharing some stories about my time in Austria, specifically in Vienna and the city of Salzburg (fyi it’s going to be heavily Sound of Music themed). I started by catching a 7am bus from Prague to Vienna. I had completely forgotten I was getting a bus and not a train so cue my surprise at arriving at the bus station.

But it all worked out fine. I got on the correct bus (wrong seat – quick fix once the Spanish women yelled at me to move) and made it to Vienna in one piece. This was the first time I was getting off the bus before its final destination though which was a little bit confusing as a part of you thinks you have to be doing something wrong if you’re getting off early.

I then caught the metro to my hostel near the centre of Vienna. It seemed Australian themed being the “Wombat Hostel” but that’s about it for aussie style. It was too early to check in so I left my bag and set off to find lunch. The Italian restaurant I found was cash only though and thus ensued a hunt for an ATM, also known as a “cash machine” in Europe which would’ve been useful information a few weeks ago when I couldn’t find an ATM near me on google maps.

After lunch I headed back to the hostel, checked in and had a very cold shower to cool off. The weather is starting to really heat up all over Europe and I am very much a cold weather person so I’m starting to struggle a little.

But I persevere because that’s what I do. Despite sweating, as the honeybadger would say, like a hooker in church.

Naturally I was put in a room on the 5th floor, with no aircon except a dusty old fan in a room of 8 people. I settled in for an early chilled out night – more like a sweaty night.

We left the windows open for some kind of breeze and were woken up at 2am by the storm making the windows slam open and closed. It was kind of a nice breeze though… but we shut them anyway.

The next day I walked into the centre of Vienna for a tour that took me all around the centre of the city, I learnt about the history of Vienna, the oldest buildings, and the current attitudes of the Viennese. I also learnt about the current status of the greatest city to live in the world, spoiler, it’s Vienna. It used to be Melbourne, but I’m not shocked they’ve been overtaken.

After the tour I went inside the South Tower of the Stephansplatz and got some beautiful skyline views of the city of Venice. I even caught another singing choir in the church on my way back down. In the afternoon I checked out the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Art which was absolutely stunning. There was a broad range of both art, statues and other collectable items including these little golden machines, like this boat that operate with little wheels while the people on top beat a drum.

When I finished I stopped in the café for a hot chocolate and slice of cake before heading back to the hostel for a quick shower before my evening entertainment.

At 7:30pm I got dressed in my finest (one of the two dresses I brought with me) and went to the Brahms Hall at Musikverein for a classical music concert of Mozart, Haydn and Vivalidi’s ‘The Four Seasons’.

It was beautiful. I really do enjoy classical music and felt (I’m not kidding about this) transported a little away from the world while I was listening. They’re very talented performers. The Austrian couple next to me seemed to be enjoying it too. I’m not 100% on that as they were speaking German but I’m pretty sure they liked it.

The next day I caught a mid-morning train to Salzburg, located my beautiful AirBNB and chilled out for the afternoon before going to Mirabell Palace for a second classical music concert. This one was by a younger group of musicians formed in 2018 but it was still stunning.

Also it was the celloist’s birthday so we sang him happy birthday while they played the tune on their instruments which felt really special.

My only major issue was that Mirabell Palace is unfortunately without aircon so I was again sweating my tits off but trying to remain calm in a grey dress which very easily shows when you are sweating. Regardless, an enjoyable experience. Can’t win ‘em all.

I met another Australian here (we’re everywhere!) a girl from Melbourne who was also solo travelling over a few weeks through Europe. I’m starting to become pretty good at starting conversations with strangers to fill the intermissions of time. We hit it off and had a great chat about being an aussie in Europe and the assumptions people make.

Most commonly that we should be used to any sort of heat because “it’s always hot in Australia.”

My fellow Canberran’s should be laughing.

The next day in Salzburg was almost entirely taken up by a four hour ‘Sound of Music’ tour that went all over the hills of Austria and let me just tell you, they were certainly pretty alive with the sound of music that day. HAHAHA get it?!

Despite my bad jokes it was a really fantastic tour. We got to see lots of the locations they filmed at (see below for pictures) and I got to recreate one of my favourite scenes – minus an ear splitting high note that might’ve scared the other tourists.

In the afternoon I caught a bus back up the to the edge of Salzburg where I got a cable car 1800m up into the mountains for an incredible view of Salzburg down below. It was honestly breath-taking.

There was a young school group getting the car up at the same time, led by two very young German men who I thought were quite cute and was quietly admiring until one asked me in German and then English if I could move out of the way so they could lower a seat that didn’t even lower. Then I thought they were a bit rude, so I lost interest. It might’ve been the German, harsh language that one.

But I digress, the view was amazing and for 20 euro I found it worthwhile despite the cost.

My last night in Salzburg was also uneventful, there was a storm blowing a gale out of my windows but considering I listen to rain music to help me sleep sometimes this proved an ideal backing track for an early night.

Overall, Austria was just beautiful. There was something for everyone from the city of Vienna to the hills which seemed to be an ideal place to go hiking. It was lovely and I thoroughly enjoyed my short time in the country.

Also, apparently the headquarters of Red Bull is out in the sticks of Austria? Random? But here’s a picture of their headquarters. Seriously, it’s a little ways out of Salzburg. Tell me that’s a shock to someone else.

Till next time,

Rhi xx

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