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The emptiness, bleakness, all I had ever known suddenly threw itself from my mind as all around me in every direction something sprouted and grew,

I had no words. For once in my life I was truly silenced by what I saw around me.

Creeping up from the base of the muted trees was this thing, it was dark but not as cold as the original and it brought with it a kind of life...

The horizon seemed to be glowing, breaking free from its chains that shackled it between land and sky. The way it yelled! No! Roared!

I was amazed, astounded, impressed and confused at the life I suddenly saw around me. The brightness that was seeping across what had always been a dull exterior.

A riot of thoughts flew through my mind as I tried to name each new element:






An entire world of possibilities seemed to spiral before me, so excited to be seen.

I looked down quickly at our intertwined fingers, then up to the eyes which held my gaze, confused, to my surprise they were no longer blank or empty.

It was as if they too were individually alive, a sea of calmness pooling in each eye.

My breath left me in a rush.

“Do you see it?” I murmured.

He held my gaze steadily, confusion blurring his eyes as the brightness dimmed slightly,

“See what?” he muttered.

Just like that my heart appeared to splinter and shatter, the world dimming back to simplicity as his fingers left my warm embrace. I wanted to cry but felt even that wouldn't soothe the pain I felt inside me.

"C'mon we're going to be late' he grunted, shoving his exposed hand into the depths of his jacket pocket.

- you made my world colourful, I only wish I could’ve done the same

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