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Films to check out this month (March 2024)

I've had an interesting run over the last couple of weeks with movies. Some were great, some surprised me and some downright bored me. So, if like me, you're wondering what to watch this month I've put together a concise little list of my must-see's, worth the watch and recommended to avoids.


What NOT to watch

(in my professional opinion)

Imaginary (2024)

As a lover of the horror genre I pretend to be a bit of a connoisseur of the better films that come out within it. This was not one of them. I generally dislike jump scares although I feel they have their place at certain moments. This film relied heavily on them to enact any sort of fear in the audience, which is a weak tool to rely on.

DeWanda Wise carried the entire film with her acting which was excellent. Unfortunately, the plot couldn't be saved. It had promise by its lost in the absurdity of its puzzle. The central 'fear' really isn't all that scary and it's core story is something we have all seen before in horror films and it just didn't drive home the same interest as other films of the same vein.

I came out bored, not remotely scared and a little frustrated by the $18 I spent to see it. As such, I recommend you avoid if possible.

Worth a watch if you have two hours spare

This is me...Now (2024)

Jenny from the block came out in February this year with this ($20million!!) self-funded art project that is a cross between the 'Lemonade' visual album and a docu-short on Jlo's love life over the past 20 years.

It's been copping a fair bit of heat online lately as a weird take on an extended music video, but I take an opposing view. Yes, it's vacuous and relies on a strong assumption that we, as a society, care deeply about Jlo's many romances, but if you take that away it's a simple easy to like story with fantastic visuals, some classic, well-choreographed dancing and a quick shot of Ben Affleck's lower jaw.

It's short and features a number of funny cameos from some big names. For a light-hearted Sunday afternoon watch it fits the bill perfectly. Don't read everything you see online.

Force of Nature: The Dry 2 (2024)

The novel 'Force of Nature' was the first I read of Jane Harper's. Well before I read 'The Dry', her debut novel, and before I worked out she started her career having written a novel in a creative writing course hence becoming a bit of an inspiration for me. I also have a soft spot for novels centred around the Australian landscape, and set in the fictional 'Giralang ranges' an area similar to the Grampians where I myself have camped made it almost nostalgic to see on screen. Which brings me to my actual review.

The cinematography is simply outstanding. The visuals are breath-taking.

I had read the book so long ago that I forgot the specifics of the plot which made for quite enjoyable viewing. It was easy to follow but intricate enough that the reveal is both a shock and believable once the pieces of the puzzle littered through screenplay are slotted together. It isn't Oscar worthy, but it captures the essence of the novel (which is better).

Absolute must-sees

Wonka (2023)

I am fully aware I am late to this party, with the film having been released in December 2023. But despite that fact, I am an avid fan! I went with my partner to see the movie. I told him in the car on the way there that it was in fact a musical. Cue shock. But it lived up to the nostalgic glamour of the original with modern effects and by the end the entire theatre was singing along under their breath.

I really enjoyed Chalamet's performance and his singing really surprised me. I think he captured the eccentricity of Wonka well, that slight madness beneath the surface glimmer. The plot was imaginative, both a separation from the original story and still intrinsically tied to the central themes and creative glamour of the 1971 classic.

Overall the film breezed by and became an instant, joyful, classic for me. I heartily recommend.

The Courier (2020)

This popped up as a suggestion on my Netflix and I was very pleasantly surprised. I do love a drama and a historical drama even more so. Not to mention a war drama? Sign me the hell up! Centred around the friendship between a Russian informant and a British businessman acting as a courier of information between the East and West the film touches on risk, the threat of nuclear war in the 1960s and those who participated in vital espionage. Cumberbatch has a phenomenal performance, emotive and passionate, he plays a very convincing role.

I loved the depth of the characters (which is always my favourite aspect of films) above plot and story and the characters in this are extraordinary.

The addition of the 'Swan Lake' ballet towards the end of the film was a bit much artistically for me and seemed over the top but other than that I thought it was a fantastic film and I would recommend it to any and all with a Netflix account.

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