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May/June 2021 - This month's reading


Welcome back to another blog post about my reading. I decided to merge May and June as I finished off a series and thought I'd share the end as a whole instead of split over two months.

It's been a hectic time for me lately and I haven't taken much of a break to sit down and read so I have to admit I'm quite proud of the number and size of the books I got through over the past two months.

In May and June I read:

'A court of wings and ruin' - Sarah J. Maas

'A court of frost and starlight' - Sarah J. Maas

'A court of silver flames' - Sarah J. Maas

'Elizabeth and Margaret' - Andrew Morton

'Realm Breaker' - Victoria Aveyard

I've finally dived head first back into fantasy novels! The ACOTAR series has officially reminded me why I love fantasy stories so much and I have to admit I am very excited to be back in this world!

I obviously spent most of my time this month finishing off the ACOTAR series, which I will fawn over in a few short paragraphs. But this wasn't all I read. I also enjoyed a biography on the Windsor sisters and started a new fantasy novel by an author I haven't read before. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed it!

To begin my rankings:

5 - 'A court of frost and starlight' - Sarah J. Maas

4 - 'A court of wings and ruin' - Sarah J. Maas

3 - 'A court of silver flames' - Sarah J. Maas

2 - 'Realm Breaker' - Victoria Aveyard

1 - 'Elizabeth and Margaret' - Andrew Morton

My reviews:

1 - 'A court of frost and starlight' - Sarah J. Maas

Book 3.1 in the series served as a clever little piece of string between the end of the trilogy and the beginning of a new adventure. I loved the way Maas tied up all the loose ends, completed the circle and then weaved a new storyline in such a small space. I was hesitant at first about this as though I looooove shorter stories, I'm not much for filler and adding a novella at the end of the series felt unusual. *Que my frustration with POV books that switch at the end of a series*.

But this was a very pleasant change to my usual reading preferences. I recommend the series as a whole to fantasy lovers far and wide, get into this!!

Overall : 8/10, a clever interlude between the end of one character's journey and the beginning of another's.

2 - 'A court of wings and ruin' - Sarah J. Maas

Lordy! This book was full on!! I am obsessed! What a way to finish a series. As far as finales go, this was a masterpiece. The tension, the character arcs, the romance. It was all there for me and all perfectly intertwined.

I can't say anything more really for fear of spoilers but I do most definitely recommend this series as a whole to anyone who has been looking for a doorway in *adult* fantasy novels from the young adult section!

Overall : 9/10, I couldn't put this book down!

3 - 'A court of silver flames' - Sarah J. Maas

Well if I said I loved the ACOTAR primary series, I would die for this book! A whole new perspective, new love interests, a personal struggle and REAL internal growth. If there is one thing I love it is when a character has genuine flaws, is imperfect and requires self-reflection to improve. Almost teetering on an anti-hero, Nesta was a truly incredible character to delve into.

Whilst reading the primary series I had my doubts about her but this book really opened up her story and took it to another level. Incredible :)

Overall : 9/10, Not the most plot focused book but I'm a die hard fan of character development and this really took the cake for me!

4 - 'Realm Breaker' - Victoria Aveyard

Well, I seem to have dived head first back into reading fantasy novels! I've almost forgotten what crime fiction is. While doing some much needed retail therapy, I noticed this book in the new release section. After reading through the blurb and having a quick google for ratings I decided this might be an interesting read. And if I wasn't sold already, I noticed it was a first edition and signed by the author. So really, a collector's edition!

Well, I was not disappointed. Full of oomph, classic storytelling, strong female leads, a gripping plot and drizzled with humour this book was a fantastic read. I've now bought Aveyard's entire "Red Queen" series and I intend on smashing it out over the next month or two!

This book combines classic fantasy storytelling with a number of clever point of view changes and a clear plot to keep the story flowing.

Overall : 9/10, a brilliant plot with brilliant characters. Say no more!

5 - 'Elizabeth and Margaret' - Andrew Morton

My god, a non-fantasy book. Who am I?

This book was FANTASTIC! I've always loved memoirs and biographies as they tell real life stories and there is nothing I love more than a good story! This book was fascinating. I learnt so much and remained entertained throughout.

I've always been fascinated by the royal family and what makes them tick so I was curious to read a little more into the Queen's history. Combine this with an in depth look at the Queen's relationship with her only younger sister, and I'm sold.

This book was very well written, well researched and easy to read.

Overall : 10/10, if you're the tiniest bit intrigued about the royal family, give this a read. It won't disappoint.

And that's it! Another few months of reading down. As I now move house and pack the vast majority of my books up to be stored my reading availability may dwindle slightly. I have packed what I think should be "six months worth" but with my track record I may have drastically miscalculated. Looking forward to what the next month of reading brings.

Till next time,

Rhi xx

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