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New York, New York - Part 2

Hello again!

My time in New York has sadly now come to an end and I write this from the much cooler, rain drenched London but I'm reliving my memories of the past few days and the warmth of the NY summer sun. I have so much to tell you.

After a very busy first few days in New York, trying to see absolutely every tourist attraction known to man I decided to spend my last few days a little bit more relaxed. Doing a few less things per day and just making sure I was doing activities that fascinated me.

On Saturday, I met up with an old family friend who I had coincidentally seen skating along the Hudson River when I thought to myself "jeeze that guy looks familiar." Turns out he was and the world is even smaller than I had first imagined!

I had a truly classic New York breakfast of bagels with cream cheese and iced coffee. I hate to admit it but the coffee was actually not that terrible. I know, say nothing, I am also traumatized by this revelation.

The bagel was incredible in that way that makes you realise you may never have a bagel like that again. New York really does do it better.

After that we spent the day wandering around, I looked inside a WholeFoods which has a cafeteria style eatery in the store! Wowza. I also ate a slice of New York pizza at Joe's Pizza, which I have been informed is from Spider Man? Which I have not seen...

In the afternoon I took on Broadway and saw Pamela Anderson in the cult classic 'Chicago'.

I really enjoyed the atmosphere. People were cheering and clapping after every song in a way I hadn't seen before. There was a standing ovation at the end of the performance too which stressed me out a little bit from my nosebleed seats.

I'm really glad I went and through the app 'TodayTix' I was able to snag a pretty cheap ticket (for Broadway).

Sunday was a day of thrills for me. Two museums, one after the other, more walking and a whole lot of my childhood dreams recognised. The MET and the Natural History Museum.

I said before that a lot of my trip is based around movies and music and it really is. The Natural History museum made me feel like a kid on Christmas walking through the set of 'Night at the Museum.' Around every corner I was being blown away by little relics I had only ever thought existed in the films. I even met Teddy!

It was a truly enormous place. I spent 3.5 hours walking around and still managed to miss a few rooms. It's something that you should probably dedicate an entire day to, which I sadly just didn't have time for. I also saw a planetarium show! At the risk of sounding like a liar, I think the Melbourne 'Scienceworks' one is actually better...

The museum itself though was incredible and I would recommend it as a stop for anyone seeing New York. The rooms alone are breath taking and that's before you even see each of the items within the room. Just jaw dropping stuff.

Leaving the Natural History Museum kind of gives you one of those 'have I really been to proper museums before?' feelings because of its sheer size and the types of things within it. I love museums and I just can't even begin to compare the museums I'm used to in Australia to these mega-museums. It's a completely different class.

The MET just blew my mind.

I mean we are talking ART BITCHES. I wandered around with my mouth literally hanging open (which you couldn't see because I was wearing a mask). But I assure you I was in a dull haze just floating through those rooms.

The set up itself is a labyrinth and despite having a map I managed to get lost no less than four times. FOUR! In two hours. I went from room to room through Italian art, beautiful sculptures, the first piano ever built (and other musical instruments), suits of armour from every stage of history and even Egyptian historical artefacts (including an entire temple!!)

Safe to say, you just have to see it to believe it. Pictures don't do it justice (but I'll share them with you anyway).

I was particularly fascinated by the Temple of Dondur. It's an entire temple that Egypt gifted to the United States, in recognition of contributions made to save Egyptian monuments in Nubia from lake waters.

They really moved a 15 BC entire temple to America to display to the public. Unreal!

On Monday, my final day in New York I took it very easy. I read a book in a cafe all morning then went to a nearby theatre and watched Top Gun: Maverick in the afternoon. The movie was fantastic by the way. Highly recommend.

New York overall was so beautiful. I would go back in a heartbeat and I hope I'll get the chance as soon as it practicably possible.

My holiday could not have started better.

Till next time,

Rhi xx

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