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The Jewel of the Valley - Evans Head

Hello there!

Welcome to another post on the blog. This one is slightly (two months lol) delayed. But I often think better late than never for things like this.

In November 2021, I visited the wonderful Evans Head for a week of sun, sand, and working from home at the most beautiful beach house ever. About 10.5 hours from Canberra by car this small town is about two hours south of the gold coast with a population of just shy of 3000 regulars. It comes alive in summer, surrounded by a National Park and boasting some of the most beautiful sunsets.

Here is a collection of pics to showcase the beauty:

Evans Head has been a staple for my family as they grew up. The place itself seems to have grown up alongside them as well. From the small beach town my grandpa visited in his youth to the sprawling hillside of decked out beach homes and lively community that it is now, it's impossible not to see the history my family has on every street.

I spent the week working, staring out at the horizon, walking, swimming and eating with my sister. It is truly the kind of place that you can unwind with no worry about missing anything at all. I enjoyed breakfast each morning watching the ocean waves buffer against the horizon and I ate dinner each night looking out at a stunning sunset form the other side of the house along the wrap around balcony.

With temperatures comfortably around the high 20s I was warm and content and able to swim each afternoon, even developing the very early stages of a tan!

There is a reason they call this place, the Jewel of the Valley, with endless beaches and unspoilt views the town is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the coast without the endless traffic of other hot-spot coastal locations.

If you're looking for your next holiday stop I would whole-heartedly recommend this one. The trek may be long (depending on where you start out) but it's worth it for what you get out of it.

Till next time,

Rhi xx

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