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The NovelTea Book Cub - Review and mini Interview!

Hello again!

So this isn't so much a book review, more so a book 'club' review. Regardless, I am reviewing something and it is related to books so potato, potato.

Today I am reviewing the NovelTea Book Club.

Run by aussie mum and book-lover, Angie this club is certainly one of my favourite things to be a part of. Every month I receive a parcel in the mail containing a new book, a sample of tea and some other bits and bobs relating to the relevant months theme. I have been a proud member of the NovelTea Book Club since May 2020.

Beginning in 2017 the business has skyrocketed through COVID and now provides for around 130 monthly subscribers.

With a number of options available to suit your vibe and budget it's easy to see why this business has done so well and continues to grow each year.

There are two options available to prospective book and tea/coffee lovers:

MINIMALIST: containing a second-hand book, a bookmark, a tea or coffee sample (containing enough for approximately three serves), and one additional stationary item.


CLASSIC: containing a penguin classic book, a bookmark, a tea or coffee sample (containing enough for approximately three serves), and two additional stationary items.

Each parcel is hand wrapped and full of surprises. And if you're lucky enough to engage with Angie through social media you might find that your parcels begin to contain books that seem to fit your tastes perfectly!

I personally am subscribed to the Minimalist tea parcel and I love it!

As each month has a specific theme the other items that come with the book usually fit this theme as well. Items that have come over previous months for myself include: lip balm, hand painted artwork, origami, hand-made stickers, recipes, a drink coaster and a book club enamel pin - to name a few!

I love receiving my monthly package in the mail, brewing a new tea flavour and sitting down with this month's book to read something new.

I even bought my step mum a 3-month gift subscription for Christmas so she could enjoy the magic of getting a bookish gift in the mail every month too. From what I've heard she loved it so much she's signed herself up for more!

You can find information on gift subscriptions here.

All in all, I think this book club is such a brilliant idea and I'm sure to stay on as a long-term subscriber as I just can't pull myself away. It's easy to sign up, affordable and Angie has been so supportive for any delivery questions, concerns or just a quick chat.

In fact she even agreed to answer a couple of questions for me for today's post! So here's a quick "interview" where Angie answered some of my burning questions about how she created this business, where she sees it going and some other book related questions:

Interview with Angie, owner of the NovelTea Book Club

Question 1: How did this all start? It is so unique and clever! How did you turn it from just a clever idea into a fully fledged business?

Angie: Jasmine and I started NovelTea as a side-project type business back in 2017 (feels like so long ago!). We were both part of the ‘bookstagram’ community and loved the idea of book subscription boxes, but wished there was a more affordable option. We did a lot of dreaming, which turned into planning and researching and many many spreadsheets, and about six months later The NovelTea Book Club officially launched.

It’s still a side-project for me, and Jasmine has since moved on, but this little business has grown little by little over the past few years and (most of the time) it fills me with joy!

Question 2: What part of the process do you love most every month between finding a theme, picking books and hand wrapping your parcels?

Angie: I love most aspects of the process, although sometimes the repetitive deadlines are a little bit stressful! My favourite parts are probably choosing the book & theme and then finding or creating the items to fit in. I really love watching/hearing about my subscribers unwrapping their parcels, because who doesn’t love being involved in gift-giving? I also enjoy the wrapping, but with over 100 subscribers currently, I’m very glad to have a couple of friends and family members to help out with that part!

Question 3: What's next for the NovelTea Book Club? Do you see major expansion in your future? Possibly global domination?

Angie: Oooh, global domination sounds fun (also quite exhausting now that I think of it). Haha, but probably not. I love the personal touch that I’m able to bring to the NovelTea Book Club by wrapping each book and tying all those gold ribbon bows, but that is also a bit of a limiting factor. I’m happy to growing slowly and steadily, supporting other small businesses and artists where I can. I have a million ideas for special boxes and projects, but I am trying to pace myself.

Question 4: What has been your favourite monthly parcel you have done to date?

Angie: That’s like picking a favourite book! Impossible 😅 I collaborated with Tamsien from Babbling Books to create a parcel last year, which was a really fun experience, so I’d say that parcel was a highlight. I also really enjoy the December parcels each year (I do love Christmas).

Question 5: Who is your favourite author and why?

Angie: Another impossible question! I read pretty eclectically, so I have a long list of favourites across genres. From the classics though, I find it hard to go past Jane Austen - each time I reread (or listen to the audiobooks) one of her books I discover something new. She is such an observant creator of characters and her writing is so full of wit and charm.

Well that's it for today's post! Check out the NovelTea Book Club here (and make sure you sign up!)

Till next time,

Rhi xx

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