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My favourite things

It's been two months since I've posted.

That's an exceedingly long gap and I'm shocked at my own complacency. Not only have I neglected my blog but my uni work has gone un-loved, my dog walks have dwindled (sorry coco!) and my avid reading has slowed to a book a fortnight.

It's as if the past two months I've been in a sort of trance, the days skipped by before I realised they'd happened and I barely stopped to notice the good things.

I turned 19, which wasn't all that exciting. I made it through 18 happily and am now embarking on my final year as a teenager. And what a year that's started off in.

As we are all too aware COVID-19 has landed upon the world and cast it's heavy shadow over the start of the roaring 20's. Since it started this virus has continued to take people's spirits, drive unhappiness, fear and loss and create a blanket of uncertainty for the future that we are all now wearing as cloaks.

It's in times like these that people tend to slump. We see nothing good around us so we continue to see only the bad and teeter too close to a deep sadness and self-pity that will never benefit us. So today I decided to write something light-hearted.

As I was listening to the Sound of Music soundtrack (a regular on my playlist) the other night the classic song "My Favourite Things" came on and it got me thinking.

When I was in Kindergarten I made a poster. The only reason I can remember this poster is because I still have it tucked away at the top of my cupboard (I think).

On this poster I had a picture of my family and surrounding my family was a collection of my favourite things. About a year ago I pulled it down to have a look and realised little had changed.

I had a preference for fish & chips, zebras and reading and little (actually none at all) has changed but I thought it might be interesting to have a record of what some more selective favourites of mine are at 19 to look back on in another 15 years. Perhaps then, at 34, a significant way into adulthood my opinions might have shifted more so than from 5 to 19.

Keep in mind I pulled this list from somewhere on the internet, but the answers are wholly my own.

  • Favourite fast food restaurant?

McDonald's, hands down. I don't think this will ever change to be completely honest. There is something about their nuggets that just call to me regularly.

  • Favourite ice cream flavor?

Mint, ever since I was in primary school and our annual ice-cream day rolled around I developed a deep un-ending love for mint chocolate ice-cream.

  • Favourite kind of sushi?

I wish I was one of those people that had enough class to be a true sushi lover with some unique favourite from their special sushi restaurant. But alas, I am a simple woman and I am a total whore for a Teriyaki Chicken roll thingy, see I don't even know its proper name... the one wrapped in seaweed!

  • Favourite Asian dish?

This is tough. Food in general is tough for me to decide favourites on. This is such a broad question, what type of Asian are we talking about? I guess its a tie between Sweet and Sour Pork, literally every type of dumpling and Duck pancakes.

  • Favourite Italian dish?

Lasagna every time. Easy.

  • Favourite food of all time?

This may never be beaten. It will always be a tie between Fish and Chips and my mum's homemade lasagna. Old habits die hard and I would be all too happy if my final meal was a combination of both.

  • Favourite comfort food?

I am sadly blessed with a sweet tooth. My go-to comfort food is therefore always something sweet. As of late it's been Ben & Jerry's dairy free tubs of ice-cream... they're just too good.

  • Favourite thing at a buffet?

One time whilst living in Darwin we went to this all you can eat buffet alongside the beach. The buffet had this crumbed crab claw and I think I ate approximately 30 of them. I will never forget how delicious they were.

  • Favourite cake?

Banana cake. Hands down, no questions asked. Thank you to my Great-Aunt Meg for introducing me to Banana cake and letting me eat it every year for my birthday. It is forever my favourite.

  • Favourite alcoholic drink?

A mojito or the liqueur '43'. Delicious.

  • Favourite 80's movie?

Dirty Dancing! This also doubles as one of my favourite movie's of all time.

  • Favourite Simpson's character?

Marge. The woman puts up with a hell of a lot of crap and still gets on with her day. A true hero.

  • Favourite celebrity?

Like celebrity crush? Because that is definitely Tom Hardy or Margot Robbie. If this just means my favourite person that is a celebrity though I lean towards Ricky Gervais, he's a legend.

  • Favourite chick flick?

13 going on 30 or Bride wars, two movies I adored growing up.

  • Favourite Leonardo Dicaprio movie?

Gatsby. He's so beautiful in that.

  • Favourite Marvel movie?

Deadpool. Total gold.

  • Favourite TV show?

The Simpsons or Game of Thrones. The last season of Game of Thrones truly almost toppled this from the top of my list which is why I have to include The Simpsons in a tie as the show will never be a stand alone favourite anymore. I swear I will never move on from the tragedy of the 8th season of GOT.

  • Favourite classic movie?

Gone with the Wind. It's 4 hours long but I mean this was the first film I shed a tear while watching so it's up there.

  • Favourite music genre?

Probably anything created in the 80s. My parents were big enough fans to expose me to a long list of artists and tunes from their "hay day" and now its a part of my personality.

  • Favourite boy band?

One Direction. I still have my t-shirt and I will continue to wear it until their "hiatus" is over and I can get an updated one. I will never be ashamed of my love for Niall Horan in skinny jeans.

  • Favourite 80's song?

"I'm on fire" by Bruce Springsteen or "Give it up" by K.C & The Sunshine Band. I have fond memories of both.

  • Favourite one-hit wonder?

"Bad Day" by Daniel Powter. That's a belter.

  • Favourite song you're embarrassed to like?

I'm not embarrassed by any of my song preferences but I have received the odd judgement for playing "How you remind me" by Nickleback....

  • Favourite country you want to visit?

Every since watching "Under the Tuscan Sun" I've been waiting for my moment to visit Italy and see all the beautiful areas that are depicted in the film.

  • Favourite kind of vacation?

One that takes you off the grid for a while, like camping.

  • Favourite car?

1972 Boss Mustang although I will never own one.

  • Favourite fictional place you’d want to visit?

The Great Hall in Harry Potter where they have their feasts... would be a benefit if the feast is there too.

  • Favourite sport?

Hockey of course!

  • Favourite Olympic sport?

Diving. I've always loved watching the diving competition. Don't ask me why, I'm not a big fan of heights.

  • Favourite footy team?

Geelong Cats. Till the day I die.

  • Favourite sport to watch in person?

AFL of course.

  • Favourite childhood memory?

If you know me well you know my memory is horrific and most of my childhood is a blur that I sometimes catch snippets of but I can't forget leaning over the edge of my Grandad's study overlooking the dining table and listening to my mum and her family talk and laugh and get drunk together. It's stuck with me.

  • Favourite board game?

UNO probably, even though I always seem to lose.

  • Favourite children’s show?

I loved play school when I was very young and Total Drama Island when I was a bit older.

  • Favourite toy as a child?

I have this one bear that I got in intensive care as a baby. It has one arm and one leg in a cast and it has collected many tears over the years for various reasons. Most supportive stuffed bear you can find.

  • Favourite teacher?

I have two! Miss Smith from Year 5 at Rosary Primary School and Miss Skinner from Year 7 and 8 Science at Darwin Middle School. Two women who taught me a love for Science and knowledge and also always made me feel beautiful, smart and powerful. I miss them both.

  • Favourite thing about school?

I'm a nerd at heart and I always loved learning, although I get frustrated if I don't understand something straight away.

  • Favourite candle scent?

Vanilla, again my sweet tooth coming out.

  • Favourite extracurricular activity?

Is reading an extracurricular activity? I also used to love being a part of my debating team.

  • Favourite day of the week?

Tuesday's, you can't hate them.

  • Favourite baby boy name?

Like most girls I know I have a list on my phone of potential baby names. My favourite for a boy is Bailey.

  • Favourite baby girl name?

I have too many favourites. I love Darcy or Olive or Valerie or Bonnie. I like the sound of 'e' at the end I guess.

  • Favourite person you’ve never met?

I'm going to pull a Matthew McConaughey here and say me in 10 years time. Always got have something to aspire to.

  • Favourite way to cheer you up?

Tea and quiet time. I like being warm and watching a movie where I don't have to think.

  • Favourite kind of gift to receive?

An activity. Something that I will remember.

If you read that many I'm seriously impressed and also positive you're lying and you skipped a few.

I hope you thought of your own answers or maybe even learned something new about me.

I can't help but wonder what I would say in another decade or so, how much would change and how much would stay the same.

I hope this blog will still be here so I can find out.

Stay safe, look after your loved ones and try not to put on as much 'quarantine weight' as I have! I blame it on the gym's closing.

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